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Synthesiser | I just bought a Novation XIO.. anyone have any Numan patches for it?

I bought it for £50 delivered, on eBay. My intention was to sell it on for a profit, but I am impressed! OK, 25 keys isn’t much, but they are full sized, unlike the microKorg.. The XIO also has USB, which the mK doesn’t. This is going to make uploading patches very simple indeed.. Does … Read more

Classic synth could be making a comeback. Gear manufacturer Behringer has hinted that it’s making a clone of the ARP Odyssey, the synthesizer that helped define ’80s electronic pop. “How would you feel if we build an authentic ARP Odyssey synthesizer, but with a unique 3-mode VCF circuitry (that replicates all MK I to III … Read more

Analog | I just bought a Roland SH2000..

from eBay, for £175. Now, that’s a RESULT! (I sold a half-working minikorg for £150, so £175 for a WORKING SH2000 is amazing!) So now I have a Korg m500 AND an sh2000 – preset madness! ** It was advertised as collection only, but I arranged for a courier to collect it (I asked the […]