EEE PC 900HD – “Spares” machine..

Bought a “spares” EEE PC 900HD, with the idea of transplanting the screen into my 900.
Turns out that the “Dead” machine just has a problem with the DC input jack.
Ordered one for £2.50..

If it works out, I’ll be using the 904HD, and parting out the 900 instead..

MiniKorg 700 Project

I’ve started on my latest project, the MiniKorg 700.
I bought this as a project a few years back. It works, but has 1 1/2 broken keys, some missing knobs and sliders, a broken power switch and “cosmetic issues”.

I’ve started a new page for this, you can find it under Projects>Minikorg. There are some photos uploaded showing the major issues to be resolved.

Please Note: the slideshow doesn’t work in Opera..

I need F and G keys, and various knobs and sliders, and also a power switch….

Vintage Korg stuff on eBay UK..
[wordbay]korg analogue -guitar -stage[/wordbay]