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Online Interiew ….

January 16, 2009 NerveJam 0

An interview i recently did for a Dutch industrial website has now been published online here:’s quite a long read ….rich x

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Outlets for our ’Master Stroke’ album!

January 4, 2009 NerveJam 0

Global Citizen – Master Stroke – Debut album on Rebco Records – Brand new 2008 release.Cat. No. REB CD006Available now!Awesome packaged album with full colour beautifully designed and suitably pervers…

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News Update August 16th 2008

August 15, 2008 NerveJam 0

August 14th 2008Ade Fenton and Gary Numan are currently very hard at work in the studio working on the new GN album ‘Splinter’ which is due for release sometime in 2009.They are also progressing very …

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tea time 12 inch picture disc

April 7, 2008 NerveJam 0

our first release under the rebco banner, the 12 inch vinyl picture disc of ‘tea time’, is OUT NOW!catalogue number for anyone wanting to order it via their local shop is:REBGCPD001 (on rebco record…

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we go…….. with rebco…..

September 4, 2007 NerveJam 0

yes the rumours are true…..this morning rebco records announced that global citizen will be joining them on the label alongside deviant uk, novus uk, adfinem and flesh eating citiz…

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New album reviews

May 9, 2007 NerveJam 0

Ade Fenton – Artificial Perfect
‘Ade Fenton’s more industrial material can’t have escaped the notice of those who like their tunes bleak and buzzing with a palpable sense of…

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Round up of ‘Jagged’ reviews

May 6, 2006 NerveJam 0

‘Numan is still as vital as ever . . .  the Godfather is back and he’s here to stay.’ Kerrang   ‘The massive synths and guitars are stacked up like some Babelesque tower constructed from b…

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Gary Numan – Jagged Reviews

March 10, 2006 NerveJam 0

Some great reviews of ‘Jagged’ have been coming in………’Recently Numan has undergone a renaissance and he’s going for broke with these anthemic tunes. Underpinned by steroidal beats – some featu…