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It's tea time again!

RebCo Records will shortly release an ‘Expanded Limited Collectors Edition’ of our single ‘Tea Time’.Tea Time was our last ‘self released’ single before Global Citizen signed to Rebco late in 2007 and…

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New Italian Interview!

June 21, 2009 NerveJam 0

A new interview with The Fano Moonlight Festival media partners ‘Erba Della Strega Magazine’ has been posted here: those of…

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General update!

June 20, 2009 NerveJam 0

Just thought I’d give you all a little update on what’s going on behind the scenes at GCHQ and what’s in store for you in the upcoming months.Firstly, and apologies for the delay on this, though I’m s…

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Online Interiew ….

January 16, 2009 NerveJam 0

An interview i recently did for a Dutch industrial website has now been published online here:’s quite a long read ….rich x

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Outlets for our ’Master Stroke’ album!

January 4, 2009 NerveJam 0

Global Citizen – Master Stroke – Debut album on Rebco Records – Brand new 2008 release.Cat. No. REB CD006Available now!Awesome packaged album with full colour beautifully designed and suitably pervers…

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tea time 12 inch picture disc

April 7, 2008 NerveJam 0

our first release under the rebco banner, the 12 inch vinyl picture disc of ‘tea time’, is OUT NOW!catalogue number for anyone wanting to order it via their local shop is:REBGCPD001 (on rebco record…

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we go…….. with rebco…..

September 4, 2007 NerveJam 0

yes the rumours are true…..this morning rebco records announced that global citizen will be joining them on the label alongside deviant uk, novus uk, adfinem and flesh eating citiz…