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Electronic Sound Crowd funding – 24 hours left..

If they don’t make the target, the whole deal is off? With just over 24 hours remaining for our Crowdcube campaign, I wanted to send out a quick reminder of all our Crowdcube rewards: Could you top up and receive a better reward? Could you share our rewards with your peers? Is there a reward … Read more

Electronic Sound | Jason Bradbury Invests in Electronic Sound!

(The guy from the gadget show) has invested in Electronic Sound! See earlier post..   ** Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of crowdcube or electronic sound, and do not stand to gain anything if you decide to invest in electronic sound magazine. If you do, then it’s at your own risk. I am … Read more

Electronic Sound | Electronic Sound Magazine Crowdfunding

I’m already aboard. I’ve been a fan of ES since the beginning (being Mac-only at the start WAS a problem), so getting aboard their crowdfunding vehicle was a no-brainer for me. Yes, I KNOW I could lose ALL my money. But I’m also a gambler, and I can handle the risk. They are trying to … Read more