DATAFREQ – Found alive and well..

Back in the days of Electromancer.Com, I was massively impressed and inspired by an artist called DATAFREQ, who posted several tracks: DISKOPHONIC, SILHOUETTE CITY, DER KOMISSAR, and I LIKE JAPANESE GIRLS. Silhouette City is in the style of John Foxx.. DISKOPHONIC is an excellent romper stomper of a track..

I was unable to find out anything about them at the time, and I could find NOTHING on the web.
Nobody I raved at on Electromancer seemed that impressed by them.

Today, purely by chance, I stumbled across a video on Youtube by DATAFREQ. A web search threw up LOADS of hits. And there they were, the three tracks, and MORE.

DATAFREQ turns out to be one guy in CANADA called Dave Rout. Check out what I’m on about by checking out DATAFREQ on

Or on myspace