OMD-related events at Wirral Festival of Firsts

There are 2 OMD associated events at the Wirral Festival of Firsts taking place in Hoylake Wirral next week.

On Wed 4th July at 7.30 PM there is an audience with Andy McCluskey at the Holiday Inn Hoylake. Andy will be asked questions by John Gorman of The Scaffold who is the Festival Director. There will be open questions for the audience to participate at the end. Entrance is £10 with money going to charity.

On Sun 8th July at 7.30PM there will be a premier of a new play called Enola Gay that features a split stage showing the flight deck of the Enola Gay as it heads toward Hiroshima and the lounge/bedroom of a Japanese lady in Hiroshima on the morning of drooping of the atom bomb. This will be at St Lukes Church Hoylake. Tickets are £8.