Korg Trinity ProX

Hi all,

Just gotten around to downsizing my Trinity Pro X with HDr and PBS to a Trinity Plus with HDR.

Child and house space forces downsizing. I’ll really miss the silky weighted 88 note keyboard as the Trinity Plus just doesnt come close to the action of these keys. Ill also miss the PBS (even more) that allows you to load in WAS akai samples etc and gives a greater degree of programmability.

Whilst its old technology, but still fairly well thought of.

I shall be putting the ProX on fleabay soon, but thought I’d officially bury the pain of letting her go here. God I hate to see old friends leaving home (especially when theyve spend most of their life under a dust cover!)

Here is a randomly sourced image to show what Im talking about (Its the big keyboard at the bottom right);

I shall also be putting my original boxed Alesis Quadrasynth up on fleabay but dont expect it to go for more than £150 tops.

I remember FBF saying never sell your kit way back (twas before I bought the ER1 from him) and Im hoping I dont realise why after its gone!