Update – Registration / Spam

Since we seem to be under attack by spammers (why bother? – all your stuff goes into “pending” anyway, and I delete it without viewing it..) – I’ve disabled “anyone can register”. Shouldn’t be a problem – anyone who should be in probably already is, and anyone else can just ask. I’ve disabled Newsletters as […]

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Site Message | A Slight Revamp..

I recently changed the theme to “GamePress”, mainly because I liked the look, but on investigation, there’s more to it than meets the eye.. GamePress has it’s own “taxonomy” with separate classes for Videos, Reviews, and News – which are available via a tabbed widget in the sidebar (have a look on the right ->). […]

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Site Message | New Features!

Hi All, It’s been a frantic week or so on the tech front. We’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.0, Fixed the RSS faults, integrated with Google Feedburner, added Smertfeed, “Subscribe by E-mail”, and Twitter support. Phew! Follow us on Twitter – All posts are now Tweeted automatically. “Subscribe to NerveJam by Email” – All you need […]

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