Red Dwarf | WTF

BBC 2 is in the middle of a 50 year retrospective of it’s greatest hits. Lists have appeared and I always hate lists. So far one of their greatest hits stands out rather awkwardly for being totally ignored.  It was on BBC 2 for 10 years from 1988 to 1998. It was an Emmy award […]

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Red Dwarf | Time Dilation

It often feels like only a few weeks ago that I first started working on Red Dwarf.As this picture of the cast taken at a recent convention shows, I am merely experiencing a fluctuation in the time/space continuum. ‘We’re not even getting old, we are old, man’ is the quote I remember from Mr Charles on seeing […]

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Red Dwarf | Red Dwarf XI

I get asked so often about if/when we are making another series of Red Dwarf I thought I’d better explain the situation as best I know it. The simple fact of the matter is we are officially making another series but we don’t know when. UKTV, the copmany behind Dave who broadcast Red Dwarf X […]

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Red Dwarf | Kryten's new head

A few critical comments have reached me about the shape of Kryten’s head. Can I just assure viewers of the new series of Red Dwarf, which starts at 9pm on October 4th on Dave in the UK, that Kryten is most upset at some of the unkind descriptions. He’s pictured here admonishing the humanoids who’ve […]

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Red Dwarf | Appearances and signings

Between now and Christmas I will be appearing at the following events, books readings, signings, talks and related gubbins.. August 31st Comic Con Cardiff 8th September NorCon Norwich 19th September Bedford Skeptics in the pub, Bedford 25th September Bristol Skeptics  in the pub, Bristol 26th September  Hastings Skeptics  in the pub, Hastings 27th September Waterstones Nottingham 5th October, Def Con II […]

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