How to party like a rock star

We’ve all dreamt about being a rock star – and
don’t let anyone argue that they haven’t. Being a rock star is one of
the ultimate ambitions – or dreams – for a great deal of people for all
the right reasons: the money, the fame, the girls… However, if one
were to burst the bubble of teenagers and adults all around the world,
the simple truth is that it’s unlikely they’ll ever actually be a real rock star.

Although this doesn’t stop us having fun pretending to be.

How many times have you perhaps had a few drinks and blared out the
lyrics to one of your favourite bands – be it on the radio at home, in
the shower, or even if public at the karaoke night? How many times have
you air guitar-ed in private? How many times have you dressed as a rock
star to a fancy dress event?

Even people that play an instrument are to some extent living out
their own personal make-believe rock star dream. While they will
certainly know the limitations of their skill, it doesn’t stop them
embracing all the great traits that make people true music icons:
confidence, power, technical ability, charm and cool.

Bearing these kinds of activities in mind, in what other ways can we get our rock star fix?

Crank up the stereo

Simple, but effective. Whether you own a whole rack of high-fidelity Marantz equipment, or a lowly budget-brand HiFi, everyone should feel free to whack up the volume every now and again.

Throwing a party is one of the most acceptable ways of getting away
with this – save giving your neighbours grief for your incessant weekly
rock-outs. But once a week is probably ok to push those decibels just a
little higher than usual.

Top tip: Make sure you’ve tuned your sound system to it’s optimum
settings for maximum rock-goodness. Drum and bass notes should always be
deep and pounding, while the mid and high should be set around
half-way. You might even have a built-in EQ (equaliser) that comes
pre-configured with ‘rock’ settings.

Put on a live music DVD

If you’re lucky enough to have a decent quality (and large) flat
screen TV, as well as a surround sound system, you could thrust yourself
right into the middle of a gig with the help of a live music DVD.

Bands commonly only release their biggest and best shows on DVD and
Blu Ray – meaning they frequently contain ‘the hits’ – so try rack up a
library of shows where you get a distinct variety in sets.

Get your (plastic) guitar on

Crack open the beers, flick the XBox or PS3 on and get your mates
over for a rather different – but equally satisfying – rock experience.
The ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ series were huge computer games just
five years ago and are always fun to pull out time and again.

Whether your expertise be the drums, bass, guitar or vocals, in the
right company, and with the volume turned up LOUD, you’re sure to have a
very rocking time.

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