Statement on Junk Culture reissue

Due to production errors, all formats of the delxue Junk Culture reissue have the wrong tracklist (Wrappup is absent, and All Wrapped Up is erroneously in its place on Disc 2).

Universal have agreed to supply a corrected copy of Disc 2 to anyone who contacts them at [email protected] with proof of purchase. 

We apologise for the error and hope that the rest of the reissue is proving enjoyable, particularly the long-awaited unreleased tracks. 

Junk Culture Reissue

Junk Culture will be reissued as a deluxe edition (via Universal Music) on 2nd February 2015. It is available to pre-order now from here.

The 2 CD set features the original album fully remastered, a collection of the era’s b-sides and extended mixes as well as 2 previously unheard songs (All Or Nothing featuring Paul on vocals, and 10 to 1 which is an unreleased song but some of the words went into Love and Violence). Also, there are 3 previously unreleased demos. 


Disc 1

1. Junk Culture 
2. Tesla Girls 
3. Locomotion 
4. Apollo 
5. Never Turn Away
6. Love And Violence 
7. Hard Day 
8. All Wrapped Up 
9. White Trash 
10. Talking Loud And Clear 

Disc 2

1. Her Body In My Soul 
2. The Avenue 
3. Julia’s Song – Re-Recorded Version 
4. Garden City 
5. Wrappup – Dub Version Of ‘All Wrapped Up’ 
6. Locomotion – 12” Version 
7. Tesla Girls – Extended Mix 
8. Talking Loud And Clear – Extended Version 
9. Never Turn Away – Extended Version 
10. (The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe 
11. 10 To 1 *
12. All Or Nothing *
13. Heaven Is – Highland Studios Demo *
14. Tesla Girls – Highland Studios Demo *
15. White Trash – Highland Studios Demo *

* = previously unreleased

Junk Culture Artwork Poll Results

Many thanks to all of you who took time to vote and leave comments and memories.

Interesting to see the album cover come out top! 

The sleeve was actually a last desperate attempt to salvage 2 failed photo shoots. The Brighton Royal Pavilion ones were too fussy, and Paul and I were originally supposed to be behind the glass with the flowers. That didn’t work either. The sleeve was actually the test shot.


30 years of Junk Culture

Can it really be thirty years ago that were leaving Brussels to head north to Hilversum to mix the Junk Culture album? Yes it is! 

After leaving our Gramophone Suite studio in Liverpool we became nomadic; writing and recording in The Chapel Lincolnshire, Highland Studios Inverness, Mayfair Studios London, Air Montserrat, IPC and Wisseloord. We then lived in De Haan in Belgium for 3 months prior to the release of the album.


Junk Culture is available on CD or digitally