Souvenir – New Greatest Hits & Deluxe Boxset Announced

We’re excited to announce a brand new 40th anniversary career-spanning boxset and comprehensive singles collections. These are available for pre-order now.


“Souvenir – The Singles 1979-2019” will be released on October 4th on 2CD and 3LP formats. It is a comprehensive collection of all 39 of our singles from Electricity to What Have We Done, plus a brand new 40th single, Don’t Go (released today on all digital stores).


A limited edition 5CD+2DVD career spanning boxset will also be released. Discs 1 and 2 are the same as the 2CD format – the 40 singles in chronological order.


Disc 3 is a collection of 22 unheard and unreleased tracks from the OMD archive, newly mixed by Paul Humphreys. Some of these are unfinished ideas, others are full unreleased songs.


Disc 4 is a full live recording from the Mermaid Theatre in London, February 2011. The show was for BBC Radio 2 in support of the History of Modern album.


Disc 5 is a newly discovered full live recording from the Hammersmith Odeon in May 1983 in support of the Dazzle Ships album.


Disc 6 is a DVD featuring 23 OMD performances on the BBC spanning from The Old Grey Whistle Test in April 1980 to Later With Jools Holland in May 2013


Disc 7 is a DVD featuring a live recording from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in December 1981 in support of the Architecture & Morality album. It also includes a live recording from Sheffield City Hall, June 1985 in support of the Crush album and the long-awaited DVD debut of Crush – The Movie.


The boxset also contains a book and artwork prints. The book contains unseen photos, single sleeve artwork, an introduction by Paul Morley and sleeve notes to accompany the archive material by Andy McCluskey.


The products are all available for pre-order now.


Tracklisting –


Disc 1 – The Singles 1979 – 1987

  1. Electricity
  2. Red Frame/White Light
  3. Messages
  4. Enola Gay
  5. Souvenir
  6. Joan of Arc
  7. Maid of Orleans
  8. Genetic Engineering
  9. Telegraph
  10. Locomotion
  11. Talking Loud and Clear
  12. Tesla Girls
  13. Never Turn Away
  14. So in Love
  15. Secret
  16. La Femme Accident
  17. If You Leave
  18. (Forever) Live and Die
  19. We Love You
  20. Shame


Disc 2 – The Singles 1988 – 2019

  1. Dreaming
  2. Sailing on the Seven Seas
  3. Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way)
  4. Then You Turn Away
  5. Call My Name
  6. Stand Above Me
  7. Dream of Me
  8. Everyday
  9. Walking on the Milky Way
  10. Universal
  11. If You Want It
  12. Sister Marie Says
  13. History of Modern (part 1)
  14. Metroland
  15. Dresden
  16. Night Café
  17. Isotype
  18. The Punishment Of Luxury
  19. What Have We Done
  20. Don’t Go


Disc 3 – Unreleased Archive Vol I.

  1. Brand New Science (06.1981)
  2. Dumbomb (01.1986)
  3. Violin Piece (09.1982)
  4. Untitled 2 (06.1981)
  5. Cut Me Down (03.1986)
  6. Radio Swiss International (09.1982)
  7. Untitled 3 (09.1982)
  8. Weekend (04.1985)
  9. Organ Ditty (05.1980)
  10. Unreleased Idea (06.1981)
  11. Cajun Moon (05.1986)
  12. Guitar Thrash (09.1982)
  13. SMPTE (12.1982)
  14. American Venus (04.1990)
  15. Liberator (02.1985)
  16. Ambient 1 (04.1980)
  17. Unused 1 (12.1980)
  18. Flamenco (04.1990)
  19. Andy’s Song (04.1985)
  20. Dynamo Children (01.1985)
  21. Flutey (03.1984)
  22. Nice Ending (06.1981)


Disc 4 – Live at the Mermaid Theatre, London (03/02/2011)

  1. Messages
  2. Tesla Girls
  3. New Babies New Toys
  4. History of Modern (Part 1)
  5. (Forever) Live and Die
  6. Souvenir
  7. Joan of Arc
  8. Maid of Orleans
  9. New Holy Ground
  10. Green
  11. Walking on the Milky Way
  12. Sister Marie Says
  13. Locomotion
  14. Sailing on the Seven Seas
  15. Enola Gay
  16. Electricity


Disc 5 – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon (10/05/1983)

  1. Dazzle Ships – Parts II,III & VII
  2. ABC Auto Industry
  3. Messages
  4. She’s Leaving
  5. Georgia
  6. Almost
  7. Julia’s Song
  8. Joan of Arc
  9. Maid of Orleans
  10. Statues
  11. The Romance of the Telescope
  12. Souvenir
  13. Telegraph
  14. Radio Waves
  15. Bunker Soldiers
  16. Enola Gay
  17. Silent Running
  18. Electricity
  19. Pretending to See the Future
  20. Stanlow


DVD1 – BBC TV Performances

  1. Messages (The Old Grey Whistle Test 15/04/1980)
  2. Messages (Top Of The Pops 08/05/1980)
  3. Messages (Top Of The Pops 29/05/1980)
  4. Enola Gay (Top Of The Pops 09/10/1980)
  5. Souvenir (Top Of The Pops 03/09/1981)
  6. Joan of Arc (Top Of The Pops 29/10/1981)
  7. Maid Of Orleans (Top Of The Pops 14/01/1982)
  8. Genetic Engineering (Top Of The Pops 03/03/1983)
  9. Locomotion (Top Of The Pops 19/04/1984)
  10. Locomotion (Top Of The Pops 03/05/1984)
  11. Talking Loud and Clear (Top Of The Pops 05/07/1984)
  12. Tesla Girls (Top Of The Pops 13/09/1984)
  13. So in Love (Top Of The Pops 30/05/1985)
  14. La Femme Accident (The Old Grey Whistle Test 22/10/1985)
  15. (Forever) Live and Die (Top Of The Pops 18/09/1986)
  16. Dreaming (Wogan 27/06/1988)
  17. Sailing on the Seven Seas (Top Of The Pops 02/05/1991)
  18. Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way) (Top Of The Pops 11/07/1991)
  19. Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way) (Top Of The Pops 25/07/1991)
  20. Call My Name (Pebble Mill 11/12/1991)
  21. Stand Above Me (Top Of The Pops 13/05/1993)
  22. Walking on the Milky Way (Top Of The Pops 16/08/1996)
  23. Enola Gay (Later With Jools Holland 31/05/2013)


DVD2 – Live at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (04/12/1981), Live at Sheffield City Hall (14/06/1985) and Crush – The Movie

Live at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (04/12/1981)

  1. Almost
  2. Mystereality
  3. Joan Of Arc
  4. Motion and Heart
  5. Maid Of Orleans
  6. Statues
  7. Souvenir
  8. New Stone Age
  9. Enola Gay
  10. Bunker Soldiers
  11. Electricity
  12. She’s Leaving
  13. Julia’s Song
  14. Stanlow

Live at Sheffield City Hall (14/06/1985)

  1. The Romance Of The Telescope (intro)
  2. Crush
  3. Messages
  4. Secret
  5. Tesla Girls
  6. White Trash
  7. Talking Loud and Clear
  8. Maid Of Orleans
  9. Telegraph
  10. Enola Gay
  11. Electricity
  12. The Romance Of The Telescope

Crush – The Movie

  1. Bloc Bloc Bloc
  2. The Native Daughters Of The Golden West
  3. So In Love
  4. 88 Seconds In Greensboro
  5. Hold You
  6. Women III
  7. Crush
  8. La Femme Accident
  9. Secret
  10. The Lights Are Going Out

Andrew Weatherall’s 30 greatest remixes

weatherall best remixes

It’s quite some going for a DJ to have an entire two-day annual festival named after them.

Sure, several curate their own events – Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, say – but could anyone else out there get away with the equivalent of the Andrew Weatherall Festival in the south of France this weekend? But then who else has achieved so much in so many fields as the man formerly known as Audrey Witherspoon, Lord Sabre, Rude Solo, The Chairman and The Major?

He was the rockist grit in the oyster of Shoom and the Boy’s Own Organisation (as you can see from his brilliantly punky sneer in this vintage Boy’s Own interview). He stormed the studio with zero training and immediately hit paydirt with his remixes for the Mondays and Primal Scream (smashing up the latter’s cheery-sad Stones ripoff ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ and building ‘Loaded’ from the pieces), and has never looked back since.

As a member of the original acid house mafia and a startling talent on both the ones and the twos, he could easily have taken the superstar DJ route, but instead focused on running several mythical underground club nights – Sabresonic, Blood Sugar, Haywire Sessions and most recently A Love From Outer Space.

He’s produced plenty of great records, whether for bands (from The Scream and One Dove through to Fuck Buttons) or under his own steam (as Sabres of Paradise with Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns, Lords Of Afford with David Hedger, Blood Sugar with David Harrow, Two Lone Swordsmen with Keith Tenniswood, Asphodells with Timothy J. Fairplay, or solo).

And he’s no slouch as a writer, turning in scabrous, funny and weird journalism and creative writing of his own over the years, as well as collaborating with author Michael Smith to soundtrack his book Unreal City and eventually becoming artist in residence for publishers Faber & Faber.

But it’s as a radical remixer that he really catapulted into the public consciousness, and his desire to turn other people’s songs inside out has remained strong right up to the present. Dub, punk, techno, rockabilly, ambient, psych-rock, disco, the experimentation of Joe Meek and Phil Spector, and quite likely several kitchen sinks, have all been thrown into a remix oeuvre that belongs to him at least as much as it does to any of the acts who provided the source material.

So as The Chairman, now 51, celebrates a quarter of a century ripping the guts out of other people’s music and his fellow misfits pay tribute to him in an actual castle, we present 30 glorious examples of his ornery art.