Sleep Games, From Out Here and Chanctonbury Rings Re-Pressings

There are three re-pressings available in the Ghost Box shop; Pye Corner Audio‘s Sleep Games, The Advisory Circle‘s From Out Here and our most recent release Chanctonbury Rings by Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus is  its second pressing. (Each heavyweight vinyl LP, has a colour inner sleeve and a download code card.)

“Jon Brooks conjures up a mood of eerie counter-factual sci-fi dread for a parallel 70s Britain.”
“Boards Of Canada style meldings of the cosmic and the rustic.”

“…another beautifully crafted voyage into electronic music’s substrata.”


“Sleep Games is everything fans of both the artist and label could have hoped for.”
“… an M1 retread of Autobahn undone by the spectre of sleep.”

“…the kind of memory-sprites often evoked by Ghost Box releases, this is music that continually slips away from you even as you chase down its essence.



“…a completely immersive experience – it is impossible to skip a track – and a fine achievement.” 
“So much of what we love about Ghost Box is encapsulated here, on this supremely evocative piece of psychogeographic storytelling”

“Hymnal synths, pagan piping and hushed chorals act like a series of mantras to highlight the narrative.”



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Sleep Games DL Card Problem

Some copies of the recent LP re-issue of Sleep Games have been packed with what looks like a DL card for Owl’s Map. The code is good for Sleep Games however. (It’s just the wrong artwork & URL !) So please redeem your code here instead :

Our sincere apologies for any frustration caused if you happen to be the owner of one of these super-collectible versions of the album.

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Sleep Games LP re-issue and Ghost Box Slipmat

A re-issue of the first Pye Corner Audio LP for Ghost Box, Sleep Games is available now.

On heavyweight vinyl, with colour inner sleeve and download code card inside . Design by Julian House with liner notes by the late Mark Fisher.

“…could be the long-awaited high-five between Vangelis and Boards of Canada.”
Drowned in Sound

“Pye Corner Audio’s latest is the marquee example of Ghost Box at their most distilled, their most essential: reaching beyond by reaching within.”
Dusted Magazine

Also this week and exclusive to our shop is this thick felt Ghost Box logo slipmat.

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and Ghost Box Slipmat
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